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Dallas Bryson
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Work History

From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life

Arthur Ashe


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2003 – 2007 Washington University in St. Louis
Bachelor of Arts: History & Educational Studies

Dean’s List, 2004

Non-Introductory Courses that are sometimes relevant to my work:
Business 2610: Principles of Financial Accounting
Business 360: Organizational Behavior Within the Firm
English Composition 215: Comparative Practice
English Composition 312: Argumentation
Education 313B: Education, Childhood and Society
Education 338: Computer Technology in Education
Education 4052: Educational Psychology
Education 453B: Sociology of Education
Education 459F: Philosophies of Education
Education 4621: The Political Economy of Urban Education
Art 336C: Visual Communication
Marketing 370: Principles of Marketing

Non-Introductory courses that have never been relevant to my work:
The 9 history classes that earned me the history major.

Introductory courses that have been useful:
Computer Science
Software  Design
Web Design
Public Speaking
Creative Writing
Manual Communication (ASL)
2009 – 2011 Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (closed)
Masters in Human Sexuality & Doctorate of Education (incomplete)

Founded in 1976, The Institute was approved through the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education, but was not nationally accredited. 

The Institute closed in 2014.

While the courses were fascinating and the research was heartbreaking, the best thing about this school was the connections I made with educators and presenters from around the world.

Work History

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01/2017 – Present Tech/Total Geekery
People Person & Project Manager
• Communicate with clients about their projects
• Provide low-level tech support
• Assist clients with social media account creation
• Consult with clients about their social media accounts
• Assist clients with updating & maintaining their websites
• Google Adword Research

CommonSpace Apartments
Cruise Director
• Communicate with tenants and potential tenants via phone, email, and Slack
• Assist tenants with maintenance requests
• Contact potential tenants about availability changes that meet their timelines
• Communicate with vendors and service providers
• Coordinate weekly, monthly, and seasonal events for tenants
• Assist tenants with move out procedures & refund of deposit
• Inspect apartments between tenants
• Schedule maintenance as needed

Syracuse CoWorks
Mischief Manager
• Communicate with members and potential members through email, phone, Facebook, and Slack
• Coordinate weekly, monthly, and seasonal activities for members
• Encourage member engagement
• Blog posts & Newsletters as needed
• Communicate with members about office and desk availability
• Serve as adviser to the Board of Directors
• Manage inventory of coffee, tea, creamer, snacks, water, beer, office supplies
• Oversee Invoicing and member contract changes
• Coordinate with presenters, contractors, vendors
• Represent Syacuse CoWorks on Innovation Council and at Innovation Village events
• Assist members and outside companies with resource booking requests
• Maintain social media accounts
• Coordinate with local organizations for programming and special rates

The Venue
Mischief Manager
• Created and maintain website and social media accounts
• Communicate via phone, email, and Facebook with renters and potential renters
• Ensure special requests are met
• Issue invoices terms of service
• Oversee enforcement of policies
• Communicate with maintenance and other service providers about needs for the space
• Meet with inspectors, fire marshals, and police as necessary

Syracuse CoKitchen
Mischief Manager
• Created and maintain website and social media accounts
• Meet with members, potential members and health department as needed
• Advise potential members on next steps for becoming members
• Advise members on business practices while using the kitchen
• Assist members with their websites and social media accounts for their business
• Schedule service providers as needed
• Assist kitchen members with scheduling use of the kitchen and paying on their accounts
01/2017 – Present You Can Have Two
Project & Property Management

• Blog drafting
• Website maintenance & updates
• Marketing material design and creation
• Copy writing & editing
• RFP Response review to confirm all answers are included and complete
• Custom RFP Response Cover design
• Continuing Education Credit Course Research

AirBnB Management
• Manage 1 – 3 apartments in Armory Square
• Communicate with guests and potential guests
• Ensure special requests are met
• Cleaning & laundry between guests
• Writing reviews for guests & reminding them to write reviews for apartments
11/2015 – 07/2016 Gaber Marketing
Project Manager

• Communicated with clients via phone and email.
• Kept clients updated on project status.
• Drafted copy for revision by director.
• Sourced appropriate imagery for marketing campaigns.
• Communicated with vendors and contractors to maintain deadlines.
• Updated websites based on client requests.
• Interviewed clients and transcribed responses to accurately use their voice when creating copy.
• Google Adword research for clients.
• Blog drafting for agency and clients.
01/2015 – 11/2015 Independent Contractor & Temping
Customer Service & Data Entry

Driver’s Village 1/2015 – 8/2015
• Answered incoming calls for all DV dealerships
• Followed script to assist customers with troubleshooting
• Scheduled sales and service appointments as needed
• Follow up calls with customers to ensure satisfaction

Virtucom Group 8/2015 – 9/2015
Seasonal catalogue updates
• Communicated with vendors for updated photos and descriptions of products
• Updated database of products as needed
10/2014 – 01/2015 RTS Marketing
Sales & Marketing

• Showed up unannounced at strangers’ doors.
• Convinced them to let me in to their home.
• Sold them $1200 vacuum.
06/2014 – 10/2014 EF International Language School
Lead Jr Coordinator

•Oversaw experience for several cohorts of 30 international students ages 13 – 16
• Planned on-campus activities
• Organized and chaperoned excursions to New York City and local Tarrytown attractions
• Wrote reports to student home bases regarding positive and negative student engagement to be translated and forwarded to parents.
09/2013 – 06/2014 Louvart Household
Au Pair

Decided I would like to try living abroad, applied for positions in several countries. Was offered positions in Britain, Australia and two in France. Accepted position on house of single mother with five children (ages 5 – 16). Learned French (as much as one can learn in 2 months) and moved to France.

While mother traveled for work (often for weeks at a time), oversaw all aspects of daily life in the house including all domestic tasks, taking younger children to school and doctor appointments, parent/teacher conferences, assisted all children with homework and English practice.
05/2010 – 09/2013 The Scottsdale Assistant
Started my own company to have flexible work schedule while attending graduate program.

Provided individuals and small businesses with assistance on creating and maintaining social media and websites for their business, updating existing print materials, creating new marketing materials, customer support, data entry, scheduling client appointments, training new employees, creating systems for more efficient operations.

Notable Clients: 

Lifestyle Home Management Services
• Checked on client properties according to each houses’s checklist
• Created Zones system for efficiently scheduling house checks
• Scheduled and met with contractors at client homes as needed
• Researched and scheduled activities for clients, their guests, and children
• Maintained client files first in Word and then upgraded system to Google Drive
• Hand-created custom cards sent to clients seasonally

Champion Window Cleaning
• Maintained Quickbooks
• Received calls from and returned calls to clients
• Upgraded system to shareable Google Calendar to keep crew updated
• Created new website & Facebook page

Salon Picasso
• Created new website, Facebook page, and matching promotional materials
• Organized promotional makeover event

Wild West Paintball
• Remotely accessed their computers to update their databases
• Coordinated team of 3 to expedite seasonal timelines
08/2009 – 04/2010 Ben & Jerry’s
Student Group Liaison, Consultant, Scoop Artist

• Contacted student groups at local universities to familiarize them with fundraising options, assisted groups in coordinating fundraisers at store locations or incorporating products and gift certificates in to their on-campus fundraising efforts.
• Served as Scoop Artist at three locations as needed
• Provided feedback to franchise owners on policy compliance.
• Established business relationship with newly-built hotel
• created cross-promotion and related marketing materials.
05/2007 – 07/2008 MoCa Heartlands
Head of Education

• Created and lead (or coordinated presenters for) educational programming relevant to customer interests and hosted workshops on nights that were statistically low for sales (all of which sold out), increasing both customer frequency and average sales on nights when workshops were held. 
• Designed and wrote informational pamphlets for each product category carried in the store.
• Designed and implemented on-site workshops modified to be appropriately entertaining and/or educational depending on venue.
01/2004 – 12/2005 Bon Appetite
Food Service
• Preparing wraps, crepes, and espresso-based drinks to order and related tasks (bussing tables, dishes, inventory, etc) on Washington University campus.

Group Memberships

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Syracuse Business Connections
Community Connections Syracuse
NYS Innovation Council


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10/2006 Leadership Summit
01/2006 Redefining Community Experience
07/2004 Stand Up 4 Kids
06/1997 First Aid & CPR


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01/2017 – Present Syracuse CoWorks
Mischief Manager
  • Greet new arrivals and visitors.
  • Provide tours of space, tailoring highlights to visitors’ needs.
  • Provide basic technical support for members.
  • Connect members with appropriate resources for their business concerns.
  • Connect members who are working on related projects.
  • Order & Manage office supply, coffee, and snack reserves.
  • Pay or otherwise direct bills to their appropriate destination.
  • Maintain online presence including Facebook, Twitter, and MeetUp.
  • Write occasional blog posts and news letters.
  • Organize and promote multiple weekly educational and social events.
01/2011 – 09/2013 Duet
Driver & Personal Shopper
  • Drove home-bound adults to doctor appointments.
  • Provided emotional support for those in need
  • Shopped for and delivered groceries to home-bound adults
05/2008 – 05/2009 St. Louis LGBT Community Center
  • Created digital content for their website and Facebook page
  • Greeted new arrivals at the welcome desk
  • Lead group discussions
09/2006 – 01/2007 Redefining Community Experience
Chair Member

  • After attending I was invited back to assist in leading the training for the next year’s cohort
  • Lead discussion groups
  • Guided activities

09/2004 – 05/2005 Youth Emergency Services
Resident Engagement Coordinator
  • Co-organized and lead weekly activities for residents of Y.E.S. House.
09/2001 – 05/2003 Foothills Academy
  • Tutoring and mentoring at-risk middle school students
  • Assessing student needs both academically and socially
  • Working closely with students to improve both their grades and their relationships with teachers


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  • English: Native
  • ASL: Beginner (2 years in High School, 1 year in College)
  • French: Beginner (1 year of classes, 1 year living in France, rusty)
  • Comfortable using Windows & Mac computers
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Adobe (Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat)
  • Google Drive (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms)
  • Website Building (WordPress, Wix, GoDaddy, HTML)
  • SEO Best Practices (basics)
  • Google Ads (basics)
  • Facebook Page Creation & Management + Facebook Business + Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Account Creation & Management
  • Tumblr Account Creation & Management
  • Meetup Account Creation & Management
  • Instagram Account Creation & Management
  • LinkedIn Business Page Creation & Management
  • Customer Service: Every position I’ve worked has been community-facing
  • Childcare/Nanny: Experience with Children 2 to 16
  • Elderly: Volunteer experience with home-bound adults via Duet
  • Tutoring: Math tutoring for middle school & community college students


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Amy Wyant
CEO/President, Tech/Total Geekery
Deboarh Burr
Owner, My Pal Inc

Paul Gallipeau
Owner, Paul Carl Digital

Yvette Sfire
Owner, LifeStyle Home Management Services

Scott Murray
Business Development Director, PoochPad Products
Formerly Business Development Director for SAFE TPA LLC

Anthony Escamilla
Principal Partner at Lumia Energy Consulting
Formerly Director of Customer Relations for Driver’s Village
Lisa Nepogoda
Groups & Juniors Coordinator, EF International Language School

Bret Johnson
Owner, Indeed Wellness

Lee Chotin
Owner, Peekaboo Designs (and father of 2 girls)

Becky Setzer
Nurse (and mother of 1 charming girl)